Here at ShadyTints we offer a comprehensive Diesel Particle Filter Removal service.

This is a cost effective way to elimintate DPF problems and improve your vehicle’s performance. The Diesel Particle Filter is a device incorporated into the exhaust system that is designed to reduce or get rid of the soot from the exhaust gas of a diesel engine, but it can cause problems for individuals who sit it a lot of traffic or only cover short journeys. If the filter does not regenerate efficiently then the soot builds up more and more. When the filter becomes 75% blocked an Engine management warning light or DTC light will display on the dash and no amount of driving at speed will clear the filter out.

DPF Removal
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£ 749
Pricing includes coverage for users
Services Included:
  • Limited-Lifetime warranty
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The Solution: With our revolutionary DPF Removal Software, DPF London will reprogram your vehicle’s engine management system to fully disable the diesel particulate filter which means you won’t have anymore DPF warning lights on your dashboard, your engine going into LIMP mode or any more costly DPF issues going forward.

With our new software installed in the engine management system and the DPF Removed from your car you will have a better free flowing exhaust system which will deliver more power, better fuel consumption and NO DPF clogging problems or DPF warning lights ever again.