Alloy Wheels can add to the overall appearance of a car, but if they become scratched, chipped or corroded, then they quickly stand out and reduce the overall appearance of the vehicle.

Here at Shady Tints, based in Croydon, we are uniquely able to provide a full refurbishment service for alloy wheel rims. Whatever kind of Alloy Wheel Refurbishment you require – If you have scuffed, scratched or ‘kerbed’ your wheels, or if they have become discoloured or corroded, then the Shady Tint’s wheel specialists have a solution!


We are fully equipped with the latest equipment who can sort out most alloy wheel scratches, scrapes and dings. Our emphasis is on quality – at very competitive prices.

Obviously we need to see what you are looking to achieve to provide final costs and also we need to see photographs or see your wheels before we can quote, but our pricing is always competitive. As a rough guide, based on a set of four alloys that are not cracked, corroded and silver refurbishment:

Alloy Wheel Refurbishment
Here at Shady Tints, based in Croydon, we are uniquely able to provide a full service repair for alloy wheel rims.
£ 280
Pricing includes coverage for users
Services Included:
  • Limited-Lifetime warranty



In addition to undertaking repairs on wheels, we are also able to paint your wheels in a number of colour-combinations. Painting wheels can really give your vehicle a new look at a fraction of the cost of replacing them. Shady Tints offer a drive-in or drop-off service, great customer service and a wide range of finishes.

Wheels painted from £180, call us for an accurate quote for your car!

Please Note: Shady Tints do not recommend the use of jet washes using acidic cleaning solutions or any proprietary alloy wheel cleaners as these are specifically designed for polished and unlacquered wheels and contain acid based cleaners that will attack and in time break down lacquer coatings. A mild detergent such as Fairy liquid and hot water used once a week will suffice!

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