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Are you searching for a window tinting company for your vehicle in London? Welcome to Shady Tints, a company that specialises in window tinting in London. Based in Croydon, we are the preferred choice for professional window tinting. At Shady Tints we provide our clients with an unparalleled finish that we have become recognised for by different dealerships and over hundreds of private customers. Not only do we provide window tinting, but we also offer services such as personalised number plates, XENON/HID lighting, car wrapping and much more.

Window Tint Installation

Here at Shady Tints, we offer a complete window tinting service in London. We use some of the most skilled window tint providers with years of experience. Our expert window tinting technicians use film lineups, each window tint film comes with a factory-finish gloss, 99.9% UV protection rate and is backed by a 100% lifetime warranty when specified within the guidelines of the Construction & Use Regulations 1986 Act. See for yourself why more people are choosing Shady Tints for their window tinting needs.

We offer numerous different options, allowing you to choose the best tint for you. Our automotive window tint shades are light smoke, dark smoke and limo and our commercial window tint finishes are clear/solar UV film, frosted film and mirror film. We are more than happy to show you examples of all the options ensuring you choose the best tint for you. Our window tinting experts in London will also be on hand to advise you accordingly.

Not only is window tinting effective in blocking UV light and penetrating heat, but window tint is also energy efficient. Tinting cools your car, resulting in the decreased use of air conditioning this, in turn, conserves energy. Our tints also increase security and privacy for you and your valuables inside the vehicle. When the film is applied it also holds the glass together in one piece, a thief may be able to crack the glass after prolonged effort but the laminate film holds the broken glass together, making entry much more difficult and time-consuming. .

If you’re interested in using our services for window tinting in London then you can contact us today on 07769 324150 or 020 3581 1120 and a member of our customer service team will be able to discuss your options with you. You can also email us at or fill in our contact us form and we will get back to you as soon as possible with any information you require.

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